Software Development

The role of technology in business today cannot be overstated. As business environment changes, opportunities develop and competitive pressure increase, business leaders need a technology partner to continue grow and evolve.

Going at it alone may sound good, but the fact is there are not many businesses that can stick to a DIY technology strategy and survive.

What We Do

  • Software
  • System Integrations
  • Mobile Development
  • Website Development
  • UI/UX Design

The Work We Do

Software Development Services (Web-based & Mobile)

  • BizVue Project Mgmnt, Process Improvement & Software Dev
    1. Performed innovation assessment & scoped software project
    2. Full software development lifecycle, Web-based & Mobile
    3. Automate business flow, project management, & utilization
  • GoSend Email Campaign Software, Software Development
    1. Full software development lifecycle, Web-based, Cloud
    2. Cloud Application Engineering, Digital Product Design
  • Airleads Data Management, Software Development & Big Data
    1. Full software development lifecycle, Web-based
    2. Cloud design & architecture, UI/UX Design
    3. Automated data capture and processing, data lake/warehouse

UI/UX Design, Website Development, Branding

  • REVVD, Website Development, Automation
    1. UI/UX design, website development
    2. Business workflow, automate contract & credit card processing
  • Scalability, Website Development
    • UI/UX design, website development