Data & Automation

Quick data visibility plays an essential role in efficiently running any business. In our modern age of data, analytics, and automation, this granular visibility has never been more vital.

Our goal is to help business owners gain real knowledge about how their businesses are performing so they can stop making “gut” decisions in the dark and make meaningful, data driven decisions instead.

What We Do

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering
  • Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Data Lake/ Warehouse
  • Governance

The work we do

Data Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Data Warehouse & BI System
    1. Designed data lake/data WH, Developed ETL tools
    2. Automated daily data extract from multiple systems
    1. Create a Business Intelligence dashboard & reports
  • Hunt Electric, System Integration & Data Warehouse/BI Tool
    1. Data governance & consolidation assessment
    2. Data design, cloud deployment, data lake/warehouse
    3. ETL, Custom API, Business intelligence tool, Automation