Do you need your concrete lifted?

Concrete that has sunk can be a problem not only to the safety of your home but also the long term health of your property. Polyurethane injections can raise your concrete up to its original level bringing back the safety and attractiveness of your property.

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Step 1

Small holes are drilled into your sunken concrete.

Step 2

Polyurethane foam is injected to lift and level your sunken concrete.

Step 3

The small holes are patched leaving you with an attractive concrete surface.

Do you have sunken or settled Concrete? We can help! We offer the best concrete lifting and leveling services available, and we do it for about half the cost of replacement. What sets us apart? Besides our commitment to professionalism, we only use polyurethane. Find out why polyurethane is the only concrete lifting material you should consider.

—Joel Harris

Why Solid Ground?

  • Minimize Cost – Solid Ground can lift and level your sunken concrete for a fraction of the cost of replacement 10%
  • Maximize Results – Solid Ground uses the most technologically advanced concrete lifting materials available. 20%
  • Minimize Liability – Solid Ground can help you minimize the liability of trip hazards on your property. 30%
  • Minimize Downtime – The Solid Ground process is finished in hours, and you can use your current cement slabs immediately afterwards. 40%
  • Minimize Holes – Solid Ground drills smaller and fewer holds than our competitors. 50%
  • Minimize Disruptions – The Slid Ground process minimizes disruptions to landscaping unlike replacing concrete. We can fix concrete in your business with little or no downtime. 60%
  • Maximize Green – Our state-of-the-art polyurethane material is 100% green. 70%
  • Minimize Further Damage – Our state-of-the-art polyurethane material is 100% waterproof. 80%
  • Maximize Soil Strength – Polyurethane foam has the strength to lift concrete but not the weight to furterh burden unstable soil. 90%
  • Maximize Warranty – We offer a three year warranty on properties that are at least 8 years old and a lifetime warranty for properties 10 years and older. That’s how much we belive in polyurethane foam. 100%

We Work On

Driveways – Sidewalks – Garage Floors – Steps – Entryways – Patios – Pool Decks – Interior Slabs – Concrete Floors – Warehouses – Shop Floors – Factory Floors – Ramps

—Joel Harris

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We are lifting, raising, repairing, and leveling sunken, sinking or settled concrete all over the Wasatch Front. We are licensed and insured and serve homeowners, property owners and business owners int he following Utah Counties:

  • Davis 100%
  • Weber 100%
  • Morgan 100%
  • Salt Lake 100%
  • Tooele 100%
  • Utah 100%
  • Summit 100%